Noche Buena

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Kwento ng Pasko ng Perales Family ng Cebu at ni Enrique Gil

For most Filipino families, an important part of the celebration of Christmas is the Noche Buena feast – a time when all the members of the family rejoice in the most important Christian celebration. Dining tables are filled with the best meals our mothers can prepare – the ones that are reserved for very special occasions.

Cyril Perales and his family recognize the importance of the Noche Buena. But you will not see a table filled with lechon, pansit, fruit salad, or leche flan. A plate of spaghetti and a loaf of tasty bread is enough for them. As long as they are together as a family, they can celebrate Christmas.

Cyril makes a living as a habal-habal driver, while his wife, Evelyn is a maintenance staff at a local hospital in Lahug, Cebu. Even with their combined earnings, this couple struggles to get by, to feed their seven children and send them to school. They do what they can but, like most parents, they want to give more to their children.

This Christmas, they hope that they can give more than just spaghetti and a loaf of tasty bread. Evelyn, like what she does every year, started saving for their Noche Buena two months before Christmas. She hoped to add a little more on the table this year, perhaps, roasted chicken.

Cyril and Evelyn’s story became known to Enrique Gil, a fellow Cebuano and a Kapamilya star. He was touched by their story and wanted to be an instrument to grant their simple wish – to have a nice Noche Buena this Christmas.

Enrique flew to Cebu to surprise the Perales family. Posing as a commuter, Enrique hailed Cyril’s habal-habal. More than surprised, Cyril was bewildered by the thought of having a celebrity ride his habal-habal.

Of course, the surprise did not stop there.

The Perales couple expressed overwhelming joy and gratitude to someone whom they just met but has brought so much happiness to their family in this unforgettable day.